Resurrection Bay, Alaska

Seward, a town of wood frame buildings and native iconography, is surrounded by tall, ice-capped mountains. The town is built on the fan delta and alluvium of the glacially-fed Resurrection River. An ice-free port, Seward distributes freight and tourists into the taiga forests, townships, and wild interior via the Alaskan Railway. In 1964, a 9.3 … Continue reading Resurrection Bay, Alaska

The Great Pause

Geologic events sometimes disrupt the ecologic landscape. Volcanoes explode and bury river valleys with mudslides. Earthquakes rearrange entire coastlines with tsunamis. Meteor impacts cause mass extinctions. Post-event, the affected environment reaches a new state of equilibrium. We're in the midst of a human disruption, a virus-driven pandemic, that has mostly shut down the human world. … Continue reading The Great Pause