COME SAIL among the stunning lowcountry’s salt marshes and barrier islands. Dolphins play alongide S/V SPARTINA as we ply silently through the water. Hoist and trim a sail. Steer the vessel. Enjoy a spectacular sunset. Spartina Sailing Adventures caters to those of all ages with a sense of adventure and curiosity.

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The Great Pause

Geologic events sometimes disrupt the ecologic landscape. Volcanoes explode and bury river valleys with mudslides. Earthquakes rearrange entire coastlines with tsunamis. Meteor impacts cause mass extinctions. Post-event, the affected environment reaches a new state of equilibrium. We’re in the midst of a human disruption, a virus-driven pandemic, that has mostly shut down the human world. … Continue reading The Great Pause

Manjack to Great Sale

Anchored in north-facing Manjack Lagoon, Spartina began to roll occasionally on random ocean swells. By midnight, the rolling became regular. Swells, from tropical storm Chris off the Carolina Coast, had found us in Abaco. It was mid-July and time to leave the hurricane-prone northern Bahamas. Statistically, July hurricanes seldom occur, but we still had almost … Continue reading Manjack to Great Sale

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